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The club's mission

The mission of the ATMA yoga center is to help people to self-tune to higher vibrations, discover hidden abilities, develop intuitiveness, which will help even in conditions of external stress to achieve balance of their own consciousness and generate positive energy on the way to their own well-being and prosperity.

Yoga Basics Course-An Easy Start

A course of 8 lessons, theory and practice, for maximum understanding and mastering of the basic yoga techniques in a short time.
For those who have never been to yoga, for practitioners who want to structure their knowledge and improve the effectiveness of classes.

Trial subscription with a discount of -60%

For beginners
Doesn't know what yoga to choose
Selecting a teacher who will help you

Yoga + lunch

Day reboot in order to increase productivity
A 40-minute activity that includes relaxation and concentration

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Phone: +96677683708
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