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The success of the company is the health and well-coordinated work of employees. As experience has shown, classes in the corporate yoga class are the most effective way to improve the physical, energy and mental state of employees, a great "team building" and a far-sighted investment of modern managers.

Major corporations around the world are introducing yoga classes for employees as part of corporate leisure and training. Our leading teachers take part in the implementation of these programs in Russian and international companies online and offline. Classes not only strengthen the physical health of employees, but also improve the work of the brain, nervous system, establish mental balance in the team, bringing productivity and morale to a qualitatively new level.

The symbol of the project is the Flower of Life, reflecting the comprehensive system of Space and all natural groups, showing the splendor of Unity created from particles.
Dear friends, we invite you to join a series of conversations with wonderful people, artists, musicians, experts, whose professional activities are associated with the special development of the senses and the implementation of projects that reveal to viewers, listeners, gourmets the life, diversity and beauty of the surrounding world. You will discover the life stories of the brightest people, amazing experiences and unique systems of perception development, thanks to which our guests managed to achieve the highest level of skill.


author, columnist

Alena Antonova

For a long time, she headed the direction of the gossip column in the Kommersant Publishing House. Now he collaborates with many glossy magazines. Many years ago, she founded the "Interregional Public Movement of Blondes". Travels all over the world. In India alone, it was 27 times. In the fall of 2019, she returned from Kalmykia, where the grand opening of the Golden Buddha statue took place in the steppe, where hundreds of Buddhists from all over the world gathered. Several times she made pilgrimage ascents to the Indian Himalayas to Chardam - the four main places of the Indian god Shiva at an altitude of 4,000 to 4,700 m. He does yoga and practices meditation. In recent time with the Master Felix pack. He is fond of practical shooting, his favorite pistols are Glock 17 and CZ. I started learning the principles and strategy of the game of Go: incredibly exciting and useful. One of my hobbies: when traveling, I give master classes of borscht in exchange for a master class of a favorite dish of a local chef. A few years ago, she became a founding member of the"Society of Bird and Caterpillar Lovers". Mom (daughter Maya, 12 years old).

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