Irina Romanova

Performing classical yoga asanas in specially adapted hammocks promotes the development of flexibility of the ligaments, fascia and tendons, as well as the overall physical endurance of the body. The training combines elements of aerial acrobatics, Pilates and the basics of classical yoga, including proper breathing, stretching and meditation.

Alexandra Gracheva

My acquaintance with yoga began at the age of 18, when I read my first book about yoga, and from that moment I began to meet people interested in self-development practices, interested in the spiritual heritage of India, Tibet and other countries.
A few years later, I started practicing hatha yoga – it was the first step to work on myself. And then I realized that I wanted to completely change my life and devote it to Yoga. Leaving the field of artist-designer, I began to teach hatha yoga. At the same time, I studied at Yoga courses and seminars, improving my level and knowledge.
So I became a hatha yoga instructor. And after a while, after studying at the Academy of Traditional Health Systems on the course on "Yoga Therapy", I acquired knowledge in this area.

Alexey Frenkel

An experienced yoga instructor who has received professional training in the Virashaiva Sampradaya Yoga Ashram.

The founder of the PranaMama Yoga Camp, who became the winner of the award
Governor of the Moscow Region " Our Moscow Region";
Official representative of the company Yogadesc, certified instructor of standing and lying on nails.
Event organizer and representative of the First Yoga village in Russia, Vanberry Village;
The teacher of "sports", member of the Yoga project of the government of Moscow.

Felix Pak

Author of the Strength&Balance methodology and the Advanced Yoga Course.

He was trained in the schools of hatha yoga Shivanand, Daniel Strausser sukshma vyayama yoga Reinhard Gamenthaller, Kundalini yoga school of Yoga Bhajan, Kriya yoga Babaji.

Graduated from the teacher training program
Moscow School of Yoga.

Medalist of the Russian Surfing Championship competitions, President of the Russian Surfing Federation from 2009 to 2013.

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