• The history, traditions, and schools.
* Types of yoga. Hatha yoga is a stage of consciousness development.
* Bodies of consciousness.
* Conscious relaxation.
* Principles of the musculoskeletal system.
* Principles of correct construction of asanas.
* Personal injury safety.

* 8 stages of yoga-maintaining the right direction of practice.
* The principle of operation of the brain and their interaction.
* Control of the respiratory and circulatory systems.
* Pranayama. Breathing techniques and their purpose.
* Bandhi-energy locks, their correct application.

* The qualities of material nature.
* The structure of the neuron and the principle of operation of neural circuits.
* Stress relief methods. Methods for correcting patterns.
• The development of flexibility of the spine.
* Cyclicity.
* Synchronization of the work of the body's systems in the streaming practice.
* Methods of cleansing the body.

* The relationship of the musculoskeletal system, brain regions and signal transmission in the
neural circuit.
* Sadhana-the development of concentration.
* The structure of the pranic body.
• Energizing the kree.
* Meditation.
• Filters of perception of reality and their application.

* Summing up exercises to develop skills.
* Blocks of exercises for the development of the physical body.
* Surya Yoga-strengthening flow of asanas.
* Chandra yoga-the practice of asanas for awareness of the work of the channels.
* Pranayama combined with bandhas and mudras.

* Hatha Yoga practice.
* Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.
• The Bhagavad Gita.
* Anatomical trains. T. Maers.

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